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What is GunFire?

GunFire is a program which will drive any programmer hardware, and will allow any suitable devices to be programmed using any available hardware.

GunFire achieves this through DLLs. DLLs may be written to add programming support for any device, and if the device can be programmed using the current programmer hardware then GunFire can now program that device. Similarly, DLLs may be written to add support for any programmer hardware; if the hardware supports a device, GunFire will allow the user to program this device.

In other words, GunFire should stop anyone else having to write programmer software from scratch every time a new chip appears. Instead of writing everything from scratch, just write a new DLL for the new device and/or the new programmer hardware, and voila!

GunFire will initially be written for Windows only. However, it is being written with multi-platform support in mind, so that when the Windows version is complete, it should be relatively straightforward to port this to another platform such as Linux.

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