GunFire - the GPL chip programmer software




About the project admin

My name's Graham Bartlett. I'm currently living in Cambridge, England. I'm 30 at the time of writing - I may be older when you read this though! :-)

I generally go by the name "Grab" online where it's not already taken, or by "GBartlett". On SourceForge I'm "grab_rat".

I did my degree at Loughborough University (MEng, Electronic and Electrical Engineering). Since then I've been working in software, first at Alstom T&D in Stafford (power station software) and then at Pi Technology in Cambridge (automotive software). My "specialist subject" is embedded control software. Pi Technology has boosted my C skills up to a pretty good level, and at Pi I've also learnt a lot about software design which has helped this project. Software has always been my strong point - I first started coding on a Commodore Plus-4 and I've never looked back since!

As a hobby, I do electronics, making stuff which interests me - I caught this off my friends at uni, who were all keen electronics hobbyists before they came to uni (whereas I very much hit electronics from the computer side). For a while I used to make low-cost PCBs for people as a kind of part-time thing, until I found that it was taking too much of my time and I wasn't getting any time to do my own projects. I'm often on the EPE Chatzone board, and I help out on the Basic Electronics board to answer beginners' questions about electronics.

Other interests: guitar and singing (classical/folk/blues/classic rock, and see here for my improved acoustic guitar strap), walking/climbing, karate, hang-gliding, gardening, DIY, reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy, with occasional forays into classic literature). I'm still waiting for someone to invent the 28-hour day so I can fit more stuff in...

(Hit here for a more detailed picture - not recommended for those with a weak stomach ;-)